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buy Master Kush online.  is a popular indica cross from two landrace strains from different parts of the Hindu Kush region by the Dutch White Label Seed Company in Amsterdam, Buy Cannabis Strains Online. The plant produces a subtle earthy, citrus smell with a hint of incense, which is often described as a vintage flavor, Buy Weed Strains Online. buy wonka oil online The taste of Master Kush is reminiscent of the famous hard-rubbed charas hash, Buy Marijuana Strains Online. This strain holds a superb balance of full-body relaxation without mind-numbing effects, Buy Kush Strains With Bitcoins Online. Instead, Master Kush offers a sharpened sensory awareness that can bring out the best of any activity. Buy weed with bitcoin

Master Kush cannabis strain is a potent 90/10 Indica hybrid by the Dutch White Label Seed Company. This Kush has been Cannabis Cup winner two years in a row, 1992 and 1993. It tastes like earthy citrus with notes of incense, while the flavour is hard-rubbed charas hash. It has a high THC content and can treat appetite loss, insomnia, pain and nausea. Master Kush is best for evening and nighttime usage`. Buy weed using bitcoin

Type of High

Master Kush cannabis strain induces a trance like, mind-body melt with a strong and long lasting effect, plus some munchies.


Breeder: Dutch White Label Seed Company
Lineage: Master Kush cannabis strain is a cross between Hindu Kush and Skunk cannabis strains.

Indica / Sativa Ratio

  • Indica Dominant Hybrid (10% Sativa / 90% Indica)

Average THC / CBD Level

  • 22.33/24.50% THC
  • 0.55/0.20% CBD
  • 0.10/0.14% CBN

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